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If an engineering

firm specializes in the design of

high technology facilities in one

industry, is it logical to assume

that they can easily transfer their

skill sets to the design

requirements of projects in other


James, LaSala & Associates believes that the ability to deliver superior results on design projects requires superior skills that are specific to that project’s particular industry. Operating room design, for example, requires knowledge that’s specific to the medical industry. Data center design requires experience that’s specific to the computer industry. Network Operations Center design requires expertise that’s specific to the telecom industry. And so on.

The skilled professionals who comprise the James, LaSala & Associates team possess years of real-world, hands-on experience derived from work on thousands of design projects in the commercial, medical, computer and telecommunications industries. Our clients know that the multi-industry, high technology expertise we offer is genuine, exact and reputable.

Additional benefits that James, LaSala & Associates can bring to your design project include:

Technically Fluent Management. The managers and executives of James, LaSala & Associates are all skilled experts who will thoroughly understand your precise needs and be able to recommend - and implement - functional, innovative and reliable solutions.
Single Point of Contact. You need direct and rapid access to concise answers from your engineering provider: no miscommunications, no dropping the ball, and no conflicting feedback. James, LaSala & Associates will provide you with the updates and information you deserve by teaming you with an expert who will not only be running your project, but will also be a one-stop resource who can keep you in control and in the loop.
Superior Methodology. By merging MEP expertise with a proven process that systematically envisions and organizes every aspect of an assignment, James, LaSala & Associates is able to consistently achieve premier performance and unparalleled client satisfaction.


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