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We have worked closely with James, LaSala & Associates since the mid 1980’s. They’ve been an integral part of our deployment nationwide and pioneered a new model of reliable, economical, and rapid time-to-market facilities.
Al Rokowetz - Vice President
AT&T Local Services
[formerly Teleport Communications Group (TCG)]


When Cathartes Investments became interested in the technology sector, James, LaSala & Associates provided the technical support for acquisition, conversion, and marketing of technology properties in the Boston area, Chicago and Hoboken. JLA continues to be an essential part of our technology strategy.
David DePree - Director of Asset Management
Cathartes Investments


Since the early days of telecom expansion, Cushman & Wakefield has worked closely with James, LaSala & Associates to qualify and provide quality facilities to the industry. We have teamed with JLA to successfully lease and construct sites for service providers throughout the U.S. In addition, JLA provides base-building services in facilities dedicated to telecom and other technology providers. Their unique expertise and understanding of the business aspects of the industry make JLA a valuable partner in our technology efforts.
Richard Kennedy - Senior Director
Cushman & Wakefield


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